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We Are Napa Valley’s Landscape & Gardening Equipment Sales and Service Store.

Locally owned & operated for over 25 years, we have been serving the Napa Valley with needs for homeowner & commercial-sized projects since 1994.

We also service all equipment before it leaves our store, ensuring all products are functioning and operating as expected. Along with our quality assurance check, we also walk you through a helpful demonstration on how to use your equipment correctly, as well as how to prevent unnecessary damage and unnecessary wear.

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Knowing Your Fuel!

The most common thing we hear when customers call or come in is “It was working when I put it away,” for different amounts of time, either “a couple of weeks” or “last season.”* This is almost always due to old fuel with water built up in it.

At the pump, California fuel has Ethanol in it, Ethanol absorbs water right out of the air, even on a warm sunny day it’s attracting water!! That means your gas can, lawnmower, chainsaw, etc. has water building up in it.
*Additives do NOT address the ethanol problem.

  • TIP: If you are using more than 1 gallon of gas per month, only purchase and use only what you need. Fuel sitting even for a few weeks ends up with water.
  • TIP: If you use LESS than 1 gallon of gas per month on whatever equipment you have, buy a good quality NON-Ethanol canned fuel, they make it for 2 or 4 stroke.

Keeping fresh fuel or Non-Ethanol fuel in your units will save you a lot on repair costs and ensure your equipment runs at optimum power. Sometimes just flushing out the old fuel and putting in some VP fuel does the trick and it starts right up, if it has sat too long the carburetor will have corrosion and will need repair or replacement.

*California has Blender pumps, which means 3 choices of fuel, 1 nozzle. The first 4 or 5 gallons is whatever choice the last person got. This leads to problems.
Tip* put the first 5 gallons in your vehicle, then fill your gas can.

Always check it! If you take a small flashlight and look into the gas tank, it will be cloudy, or you will see the water separate from the fuel. If you mix oil in your gas for your equipment, make sure you mix it properly, engines that don’t have the oil it needs will run too hot and destroy the inner workings.

We carry and suggest VP non-ethanol fuel, unopened is good for 5 years, once it’s opened it’s good for 2 years. Contact us or stop by the store for more information.

Napa Power Equipment Upcoming Events

Thank you everyone for the success of our 1st Annual Octoberfest, looking forward to 2023!!!

We are Napa Valleys C.O.R.E program provider, helping Micro & Small landscaping businesses in California & The City of Napa, call or come by to talk about applying for C.O.R.E & what you qualify for.

The Napa Power Difference

Napa Power About Us

About Us

Our business has certainly grown from just a small shop and repair service to working with different organizations and businesses throughout the Napa Valley.

Napa Power Products

Our Products

From legendary chainsaws and dependable trimmers to powerful blowers, hardworking hedge trimmers and more, our products are designed for reliability.

Man repairing chainsaw.

Service & Repairs

We offer sales & service of many kinds of gas-powered or battery operated handheld equipment. We also carry safety gear and apparel, equipment for homeowners, commercial landscape & gardening, viticulture, arborists, fire prevention, and junior gardeners in our store.

We stand by the equipment we sell and the services we perform. Stop in today to see how our team can help support you with your next landscape and gardening project.